Texx Big Burger


***½~ (3.5/5)

Texx Big Burger is located on 108 Ave by a couple of our favorite places to eat in Surrey – Pho Tau Bay and Sushi Zen. They serve all types of fresh hand made burgers. If you’re stomach is big enough you should try their Super Texx Burger. At $22.99 it’s probably Man vs Food worthy.

I was kind of hungry, but not hungry enough for the Super Texx Burger. I opted instead for the Double Bacon Cheese Burger ($9.49) with regular fries. They are pretty similar to 5 Guys, where you get a bunch of free toppings of your choice, and they serve their fresh cut and fried french fries directly in the paper bag. Note, they give you a ton of fries.

For toppings you can choose from: red relish, mayo, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, bbq sauce, lettuce green peppers, grilled onions, jalepeno, pickles, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, and raw onions. Good selection but Splitz has more. For my Double Bacon Cheese Burger, I chose red relish, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. The patties were huge and moist. You can tell they were freshly hand-made. It had a nice grilled flavour to it. My one complaint was that the bun had creases on it that easily tore. That made for a very messy burger. I think I like 5 Guys better though in terms of taste (and I liked Splitz even more than 5 guys). These are bigger, and a little more expensive.

My friends ordered a couple of single bacon cheese burgers, and also the TEXX chicken burger. The chicken burger seemed to come with two pieces of chicken to fill the burger. It was juicy too and my friend loved it. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was really hungry.

The staff is friendly and will kindly answer any questions you have about the menu. If you are up for it, go for the challenge. I would definitely come back if I was craving a burger.

Texx Big Burger
14783 108 Ave
Surrey, BC

(604) 588-0093


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